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Gospel Group Serenades Harvey Victim Shelter

Even in the time of trouble and despair, these individuals used their spirituality and inspiration to sing blessings on the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Just when you think there’s no hope and you feel you’ve lost everything, God always makes a way and delivers peace in the midst of the storm.

You have to have a real spiritual love for your fellow man to do something like this. It provides comfort for some and reminds those who listen that they are not alone and nothing is too terrible when you have caring individuals on your side.

Watch this video here:


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This is what we all need to see and feel. Natural disasters are going to come our way, and some won’t see another day while others will have the feeling of despair and depression. We all have been there at one time or another.

Finding that spot to work through your issue within common sense is the key. Everyone has common sense, but many do not use it. Remember to be positive is hard when a hurricane has taken all of your belongings and family mementos. But as I said before, the only way to get past hard times like this is through friends and spiritual guidance.

You can’t lose or stay depressed if you have a strong support group around you. I am in awe of this singing group because of what they went through.

I am praying for them, and I want you to not only pray with me but share this great story above. Add your opinions to the comment section below.

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