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Al Gore — Climate Change Is Real; It’s Beyond Consensus Of 99% Of The Scientists

“The sky is falling,” yells Al Gore who travels by Jet to speak on climate change. He made millions of $$ selling his company selling Climate change. “the end of the world is coming”secular priests tell us while they ignore the reality of change and profit thereof.

Nothing that Gore claimed would happen in his so called “An Inconvenient Truth” has come to pass. What makes him made out to be credible? He and others like him are making money hand over fist as they traverse the world in their private jets and limos, leaving their carbon footprint everywhere.

The man is a liar and a charleton; what it really boils down to is his hatred for America and greed. He should be run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered. I still think so called climate change is something that is naturally occurring and there is nothing man can do about it. We can combat pollution and the abundance of waste material, but that is not going to change the climate.

“Well, I don’t think that there are — obviously, there’s no basis for doubting what Mother Nature is telling us now. It’s beyond consensus of 99 percent of the scientists. Just listen to Mother Nature, and the climate related extreme weather events have quadrupled in recent years.

Here in the U.S. alone in less than 9 years we’ve had 17 once in a thousand year events, and they keep on coming, and they keep on getting worse.

So, the old strategy of trying to fool people into disbelieving the evidence in front of their own eyes is — is failing.”

Climate change will not result in extinction, Scientists cannot conclusively declare that man is the cause. There is not enough historical data that shows that.

I don’t deny climate change exists, but it has been changing for millions of years. The arrogance of us to think that our perhaps a few hundred years of tracking temperatures or a few decades of tracking the “Ozone layers” or CO2 gives scientists any definitive understanding of man’s impact versus what is the natural changing of the climate.

All of these scientists espoused their dire predictions after receiving their government grants for the studies that employ them and feed their families. People do what they are incented to do which is tell them what they want to hear – so the next grant gets passed.

This rhetoric has made Al Gore a wealthy man. Hard to believe anyone still listens to him and even throw more money at him. Please educate me on a single prediction of his “science” that has come to pass.

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