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Opinion: Biden Is The Dem’s Sacrifice For 2020; GOP Needs To Start Thinking About 2024

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Democrats are focused upon surviving the Trump Presidency. If they can maintain control of the Deep State kakistocracy and keep its leaders out of jail, they believe they will have won. Even if Pres. Trump wins a second term, which will mean they do not have as many dead voters as live Republicans, and that is not likely, there is no successor to Trump.

I worry about this with reckless abandon.

For the Trump revolution to have long term success, there will have to be other people who can fight the media, people who make the media look like the communist propagandists they are. Trump is currently the only person who has succeeded in beating the media, and they know it. To win, all they need to do is not let anyone else show the evil propaganda fantasy they are forced to live in.

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The Democrat propaganda machine still controls about 50% of the population. All they need is to put back to sleep a few hundred thousand, and they have the control, which is all they want. Trump is all that stands in the way of that.

The establishment is willing to ignore it, whitewash it, look the other direction as if nothing happened. I’m not. I recognize them for who they are.

  1. Entrenched power brokers hanging on to seats of power for decades, stifling fresh outlooks on problems. Biden, Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy are examples.
  2. Gerrymandered radicals placed in safe districts also stifle competitive outlooks and new vigor to old problems. Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, and Sheila Jackson Lee are examples.
  3. Indifferent, apathetic electorates that feel it is rigged and no longer show up to vote or otherwise participate in the political process. The average congressional district is 785,000 people. AOC won her primary against one of Pelosi’s lieutenants with only 16,000 votes.
  4. Hillary has spent the past quarter-of-a-century clearing the decks of anyone who might be thought of has center-right, aka rivals, from the Democrat Party. The first prominent casualty: Neb. Sen. Bob Kerrey, he of the famous route: “Bill Clinton is a good liar. Unusually good.”

This is how you get a party in the shambles that the Democrats find themselves in.

The reason they don’t have good candidates is that they have a corrupt and evil message which only attracts corrupt and evil people. Nothing about life and growth and establishing Americans. Who wants that. They will never get the right candidate.

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Should we, by the mercy of God, have another four years of Trump, I believe there will be voices and candidates that rise in the Repub party.

Trump is not a politician. He is a successful man who saw his country becoming a communist pest hole and decided to do something about it. Many Republican politicians and pundits saw the same thing and told us about it to get elected. Then sat there and let the Communists set the agenda, helping dig the pest hole deeper.

They hired the same crooks that worked for Democrats, knowing they were crooks. James Comey, Robert Mueller, etc. were fed to us by the propaganda machine, and our Republican politicians accepted it.

Finding people who are willing to fight with him has been a major problem for Trump. How many Republicans are really with him, and how many are dedicated RINOs? We know that many stabbed him in the back. All we can do is hope the new people who have come from the Tea Party and are coming up to replace those who are quitting are made of better stuff than the old RINO’s they return.

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A lot of the Republican members of the House of Representatives who declined to stand for re-election in 2018 and thus allowed the Democrats to retake control of the House in the mid-terms were basically never Trump RINOs.

Should Trump be re-elected and his coattails sweep the Republicans back into control of the House, I’m optimistic that the Republicans who would be replacing those old RINOs WILL be made of better stuff than they were and thus be FAR more willing to stand with and support Trump and his agenda.

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