GOP Congressional Candidate Literally Shoots a Gun at ObamaCare in Campaign Ad

Will Brooke, an Alabama Republican congressional candidate, literally took aim at ObamaCare in a campaign ad and now liberals are all up in a tizzy over the stunt.  In his campaign video, “Let’s Do Some Damage,” the congressional hopeful sits on the tailgate of a pickup truck next to the “Affordable Care Act” as well as a wooden box, and a rifle.

“We’re down here to have a little fun today, and talk about two serious subjects: The Second Amendment, and let’s see how much damage we can do to this copy of Obamacare,”

Watch the entire ad below:

It’s easy to see why this ad would strike a nerve for Democrats. It hits on two very sensitive issues for them: the Second Amendment and their ever so precious ObamaCare.

Even though Brooke used humor to get across his message, he made it clear in a press release that all jokes aside, he intends to work to replace the law if he is elected to serve in Congress.

“This ad shows that we can have fun with a serious subject, but for those who have already been hurt by the law here in Alabama, it’s anything but funny,”

Brooke continued in the release.

“I will fight every day to right the wrongs of Obamacare.”

To learn more about Will Brooke, click here.

I think this ad is fantastic. Mostly because it drives the left nuts. What do you think?

Wayne Dupree

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