SC delegate to Hannity: “It’s not the people’s candidate, it’s the party’s candidate until we have nominee”

Conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity had his hands full with this South Carolina delegate Monday evening when he wanted stressed the people should not be excluded from voting to be replaced by the delegates who are not voted on by the same voters.

I understand this because it’s what I have been saying the last couple of weeks after I learned about Colorado’s rules. The Colorado GOP has every right to make up their rules, and the candidates must know them, however if those rules cut millions of votes from going to the polls to vote for a candidate it’s wrong.

This caller had some real looney tidbits but the more I listen to her the more I heard establishment elite. She didn’t want to be called that, but she gave her money, she worked the phones, and she is the party all the time, so she’s justified to think she has more of a say in who is elected over those who are deciding to join the party for the first time.

Here are some excerpts of the audio:

“It’s not the people’s candidate, it’s the party’s candidate until we have nominee”

“The party is the GOP, the grand ole party”

“This is not a populist vote to get our nominee, all of America votes once we have our nominee”

“The party is composed of the GOP party”

Listen to this audio and tell me what you think of this exchange. Was Sean right? Was the delegate right?

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Do you believe what this delegate had to say? She considers herself not an elitist but she speaks otherwise. Share your opinions (below) and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter page.

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