GOP Bill Would Allow Those Seeking Asylum To Apply In Mexico

This is a fantastic idea. They can wait in Mexico while the asylum process works through. Why wasn’t this done long before now?

What I have never understood is why someone can travel thousands of miles, through several countries, have the money to pay for it, yet they say they fear for their lives even though other countries are willing to give them asylum. Why don’t these people take the asylum offered by other countries, why is it that the United States is the only one that will work for them?

Besides that they get the money to come here from people they know wiring money back home to them if they can stop that or slow it down things would change also. I am in mission tx in winter months went they get paid they line up 20 / 30 people deep sending money at the social security office they were lined up out the door into the street getting checks

Source: Fox News

A Republican lawmaker said he has a novel idea to cut down asylum seekers illegally crossing the border.

Make them apply for asylum before they reach the U.S. border.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., is introducing a bill that would require asylum officers to conduct credible fear screenings at U.S. embassies or consulates in Mexico and Canada before asylum seekers can cross the border.

Inhofe said that would cut down on the surge of migrants illegally crossing the Mexico-U.S. border. Currently, migrants ask for asylum at U.S. points of entry. They are given a court date, but many fail to show up – leading to a large number of illegal immigrants lost within the immigration court system.

The U.S. should simply tell the United Nations that we are amending the process for applying for asylum and visas. This should extend to every nation; not just Mexico. “Asylum” has become the magic word for entry and, if they do not apply for a visa; the whole stepping over or border is null and void concept by 2019.

By 2019, require that ALL asylum requests are made in home nation. That actually makes it easier for the U.S. to control hearings. It also makes it easier to verify that danger does warrant asylum. In addition to that, it keeps children from being dragged on dangerous journeys.

Increase staff at all consulates and make it clear that filling out asylum (and work visa) requests and interviews at US Consulate does NOT mean they will receive asylum or a visa. Notify them if they get a hearing in the U.S. and if asylum granted, their families will be brought safely to the U.S.

For those who still think it is their right to simply walk in; amend our laws. Stepping over our borders grants you no rights.

No one could possibly have imagined the assault on our borders or a time when a welfare system would be enacted and benefits are given to the children of people who break our laws to get them. It would be a fight to the death to abolish birthright, although most of our allies have done just that.

However, there is nothing that says we cannot table it until we get what is a growing crisis under control or amend it to state that no benefits of citizenship to any person born of parents in the US illegally will be granted until the age of 21 – excepting a free k-12 education (which a huge investment).

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