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Google Joe Biden To Donate And Guess Who Pops Up — Donald J. Trump!

Rule number one: Don’t joke with the joker — your odds of success are pretty low.

The Democrats really think it is funny to game the game —– until it happens to them. I’d vote for Pres. Donald Trump just for this one move. Maybe we can get our country back. This proves a very sad fact, the last several Republican Presidents were laser mice.

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Former VP Joe Biden’s campaign team is not happy right now after learning that the Trump campaign team was one step ahead of them when it comes to playing guerilla warfare. Trump’s team has run online ads targeting possible donors for Biden using Google.

It’s has been changed by now but when users who wanted to donate to Biden type that into Google search, the first link to appear is an ad for the president’s re-election campaign. Even though Biden’s team was triggered by this, it’s not against any rules and didn’t cost any money.

Here is an earlier screenshot of what Biden donors originally saw and how the Biden campaign tried to fix it:

Who else but Pres. Trump would play the “political game” as the liberal Democrats do? If the liberal Democrats do it badly and want it bad, Pres. Trump is going to give it back to them bad–perhaps even more “bad.” Republicans didn’t take note of Trump’s unorthodox campaign in June 2015 and never adjusted and adjusted.

Trump show Republicans that going on offense early is what they had been lacking for years. The media took his statements and tried to hurt him with each one, as they tried to drum up controversy after controversy. Trump seemed to mirror the left, making personal attacks and lacking any and all shame, as the left. Americans saw Trump as defiant, unapologetic and aggressive which shocked them and made them want more. When the establishment saw this, many of the old leaders thought Trump was hurting the party and worked together with Democrats to bring him down.

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The result has been the slow and steady realization of many Republicans that employing civility against the left–which it never seems to reciprocate– results in embarrassing defeat. Republican indignance in the face of disgusting tactics and smears like those targeted at Kavanaugh–is indicative of this bold new GOP.

Pres. Trump has had a profound impact on the American discourse, and its most important contribution is the way it has inspired and even emboldened Republican Congress-people and conservative voices in the media.


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