Google Employees Walk Out After Learning About Pentagon Government Contract!

Well, it seems the natives at Google Headquarters decided they were misled by the corporate heads and decided to walk out.

I guess employee they would never work for the United States government, but that is all change with the new project unearthed today. Google is participating in the drone warfare program initiated by the US Pentagon.


Today, almost a dozen Google employees quit their jobs in protest of the company’s involvement with the controversial government program, among other issues.

Although the exact number of employees who quit is not known, Gizmodo reports that the mass exodus of “about a dozen” employees is a direct result of Google’s involvement in Project Maven, a military pilot program which aims to use AI and machine learning to analyze objects in drone footage.

The employees in question believe that the company’s involvement in a government warfare program violates the ethical nature of Google (the company’s motto of corporate conduct is “Don’t be evil”), and also feel that Google’s refusal to adequately address employee concerns represents a drastic working environment change. The only course of action left, according to the employees, was to quit.

The Gizmodo report does not illuminate what positions the employees held. No names are used to protect anonymity.

Did they think with all of the smart people working at Google that they would never do anything for the government? How naïve can they think their work wouldn’t support the moochers at the Pentagon.

Google probably will offer them some monetary package to come back, or they will shroud the evidence to show they aren’t doing anything while still working with the Pentagon on the drone warfare program.

Should Google work with US Pentagon on the drone program? Sound off in the comment section below.

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