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Rep. Goodlatte Wants To Interview Trump Agitator Brennan After Carter Page FISA Released!

Rep. Bob Goodlatte said his committee would seek testimony from John Brennan, a CIA director under former President Barack Obama.

Brennan has become traitorous cancer/critic of Pres. Trump and I am glad Goodlatte is taking this approach. One thing I know for sure, end Brennan’s security clearance, it should have been automatically terminated along with his resignation.

Source: Fox Business

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said on Sunday his committee will call former CIA Director John Brennan to testify on Capitol Hill, regarding the investigation into Trump-Russia 2016 election scandal.

“We have lots of questions for John Brennan and he will definitely be sought by the committees for an interview,” Goodlatte, R-Va., told Maria Bartiromo during an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “This is an extremely disturbing thing to see both he and [former FBI Director] James Comey, supposedly impartial government officials carrying out their jobs in very important areas in intelligence gathering and law enforcement, express the kind of extreme bias that they’ve shown now — which I think reflects quite accurately what they were doing back in 2016.”

The former CIA director, who served under President Barack Obama, has been a staunch critic of President Trump, accusing him in a tweet of “venality, moral turpitude and political corruption.” Most recently, Brennan called the president’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki “nothing short of treasonous,” and said Trump was “wholly in the pocket” of the Russian leader.

It’s bad enough that Brennan still has security clearance. Supposedly Susan Rice, James Clapper and possibly others who are totally out of government have kept their clearances too. Do realize the power they have?

Sen. Rand Paul is supposedly writing to POTUS to find out just who still has it. No wonder they feel so comfortable in their biases and no wonder the House and Senate are having such a terrible time getting documents, and when they finally do get subpoenaed documents, they’re almost entirely redacted.

They’re hiding something, and I’d be willing to bet it’s vast and dangerous.

One more thing, if you do bring in Brennan, there should be some significant consequences because he has no problem lying under oath.

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