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Good Samaritan Quietly Pays This Man’s $367 Target Bill And Disappears

America is still the best country on this planet.

Believe it or not, we do have awesome hearts even though a few want to show their evil side and would like to exploit this goodness.

Howard Gipson is a proud man who has multiple sclerosis and barely gets around. He rarely asks for help, and that means from his closest friend, Coralea Gosnell

Gipson just moved to Arizona and is still trying to gather himself when one day he was shopping at a local target story. When he went to pay for his items, his card was declined.

A few days ago, Gosnell was helping Gipson stock up on supplies at a Target store in Ahwatukee.

When they got to the cashier, Gipson’s credit card was denied.

“I was like no way,” said Gipson. “I couldn’t believe it.”

But the disappointment and embarrassment didn’t last long.

A customer in line discreetly paid Gipson’s $367 bill then took off.

“With so much ugly in the world right now, somebody steps up and does something like this,” said Gosnell. “It just makes you re-think everything. It gives you a positive and makes you wake up with a smile in the morning.”

“There’s good everywhere,” said Gipson. “It just takes people to do it, just do it, and when somebody does it, just accept it and be grateful.”

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What a great way to start a Thanksgiving weekend. Americans are still the best around if you ask me. I never waver about what we can do as a people, but I feel bad that in we need worst-case scenarios to bring out the best in all of us.

I am glad this man was able to see the goodness and accept and promote his experience.

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