GOOD! ICE Agents Arrest 248 Criminal Illegal Aliens In Two-Week Enforcement Operation

It took place February 27 to March 10 in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware aimed at “criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, re-entrants and other immigration violators.”

ERO Philadelphia Acting Field Office Director Jennifer Ritchey praised ICE in their efforts keeping communities safe. She said more operations would take place in the future.

Here are some statistics reported from their operation.

120 had a conviction and/or pending charges or 48 percent (88 of those arrested had criminal convictions and 32 of those arrested have pending criminal charges)

In addition, 50 had been previously removed from the United States and subsequently illegally re-entered.

President Trump said he is committed to expanding ICE as part of his border security.

Previously, CNN Money reported he would hire 15,000 more immigration agents. ICE would consist of 10,000 and 5,000 Customs and Border Control agents.

Plus, The Daily Caller mentioned last month ICE agents saying they feel empowered again to do their job under the Trump administration.

Under the Obama administration, agents were told only to focus on deporting gang members and those with serious criminal histories.

“What part of illegal don’t people understand?” one agent commented on Obama-era policies in frustration.

Now that ICE agents no longer fear the scourge from officials bent on providing cover for illegals, the unions for ICE and Border Patrol noted that morale has skyrocketed.

I applaud them doing their job to arrest these criminal illegal aliens in this two-week operation.

Communities can feel safer from their efforts.

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