GOOD FOR HIM! Senator Ted Cruz Slams Snoop Dogg’s Anti-Trump Clown Video

They asked Cruz about the video.

“Senator Cruz, yesterday, Snoop Dogg put out a music video which mocked President Trump making him look like a clown and used a fake gun to shoot. Your thoughts on that.”

He said he has not seen it yet but argued it was “poor taste.”

“We have a really sad history in this country of attempted and successful assassinations, and it is irresponsible for a musician or artist to encourage murdering the president. I think it is unfortunate. I wish he had not done that.”

Here is the video TMZ provides.

I applaud Cruz speaking up against Snoop Dogg’s music video.

TMZ also reported Monday his colleague, Senator Marco Rubio, criticizing it.

On Wednesday, Trump shared his thoughts about it on Twitter.

As Cruz also mentioned, everyone should be against the video. It is not a partisan issue.

What do you think about the senator’s statement? Comment below and let us know.

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