Glock Toting Granny Stands Up To Drug Pushers After They Threaten Her!

Her name is Jonnie McIntosh, and she’s tired of her neighborhood being overrun with drug dealers especially after the death of her granddaughter.

Johnnie lost her pregnant granddaughter to the drug game last year, and now it seems to want to grab her grandson, well she will not allow that. When the dealers showed up to get paid, they threaten her but she had something waiting for them.

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In 2017, Jonnie McIntosh’s pregnant granddaughter was murdered over a drug deal involving spice, a synthetic form of marijuana. Spice is made in laboratories and can be highly dangerous and life-threatening.

Now, Jonnie’s grandson has become addicted to spice. She is trying to help her him get sober, but says it’s nearly impossible with drug dealers running rampant around her neighborhood of Haughville, Indianapolis. In one month alone, EMS reported nearly a dozen drug overdoses within a mile of Jonnie’s house.

“This stuff has bug spray in it and all kinds of chemicals.” Jonnie told WXIN. “Whatever they decide to spray on it. Any way that they can get high.”

Now, Jonnie claims two suspects knocked on her door and demanded $20 for her grandson’s spice debt. One of the men pulled out a gun and threatened her and her 70-year-old husband.

This is what I call community activism. I feel sorry for Jonnie but she has things wrapped up real solid protecting her family, and I am pretty sure she knows how to use that weapon.

She’s taking steps to protect her loved ones just like every other red-blooded American has the right to do. This 2nd amendment story is a good one, just pray for her safety and the safety of her family going forward.

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