Glenn Back is Furious! Attacks George W. Bush and Justice Roberts on Show

Beck promoted the upcoming FreePAC event, saying that today’s result just furthered his frustration with regular conservative groups. He told listeners that he was sick of going to CPAC where he can speak out against progressives, get applause from the crowds, and then be betrayed by the “cowards” in charge who are “won’t come out and tell you what they really are”; “covert progressives.”

One such person who got called out was former President George W. Bush, the president who appointed Chief Justice John Roberts. He discussed Bush with co-hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray.

BURGUIERE: This destroys Bush’s legacy amongst conservatives.

BECK: Oh, it’s done. Done. How are you feeling, Mr. Bush? You know, I’ve gotten some heat for saying George Bush was a progressive. Screw you. George Bush was a progressive. He was a progressive. Progressive light. He wasn’t as bad as Barack Obama. He was a progressive. Admit it. And if you don’t admit that you have a problem, you’re never going to be able to cure it.

Beck went on to mock the notion that there is no litmus test for appointing Supreme Court justices, imagining a scenario where he’d ask potentials if they, for example, were ok with abortion and, if they didn’t answer instantly, he’d send them right out the door. He also talked about Mitt Romney, warning the presidential hopeful that he “wouldn’t have jack support” in the country if he got into the White House and dared try to be “Mr. Bail Out” or have “a little RomneyCare.”

As angry as he was though, Beck promised he wouldn’t stop fighting. Brandishing a bracelet with Nelson Mandela’s prison number (although he admitted Mandela was a Communist with Gray reminding listeners to hate the man’s politics but love his character), Beck gave a passionate speech to his fans.

“These things make you stronger. They either kill you or they make you stronger. They’re not killing me. I’m going to keep fighting till my dying breath. Freedom will not be extinguished in my lifetime. Not under my watch. I’ll do everything I can. And I’ll go down swinging.”

via Glenn Beck On Health Care Decision: The GOP Are ‘Full of Crap’ ‘Cowards’ And ‘This Destroys Bush’s Legacy’ | Mediaite.

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