Gingrich Floats Perfect Plan For What Must Happen to Schiff After IG Report Proved He Lied 

Now that the IG report has been released and IG Horowitz has testified we all now that President Trump and Devin Nunes were right. The FBI did spy on the Trump campaign using opposition research paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

We also know that Adam Schiff has knowingly lied for 3 years by claiming that he had “proof” of a Trump-Russian conspiracy, and when he said he and Dems investigated how the FBI handled FISA and there was no wrongdoing, and claiming the dossier was “credible.”

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“Adam Schiff lied when he said he personally had proof of Russian collusion and lied again when he said he knew that there were no errors on the FISA warrants. This calls for censure and removal from the Intelligence committee. He is clearly incompetent in that area.”

“Adam Schiff lied about having evidence of Russian collusion just like he lied about having evidence of a quid pro quo.

Adam Schiff sold out his country for his own political gain.

President Trump, keep draining the swamp!”

“If Schiff lied in his FISA memo why should we trust his impeachment memo?”

“Surprise, Surprise Schiff lied, AGAIN!

At the time of their release, the media praised Dem Schiff and his memo and vilified Rep Nunes and his memo

Two years later, the inspector general’s report vindicates the Nunes memo and shows Schiffs memo is false”

So, what will happen now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Adam Schiff is a no-good liar?

Well, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a plan.

Gingrich says now that Schiff’s lies have been exposed the House should move to censure him and strip him of his membership in the intelligence committe.

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“With the Inspector General’s report exposing Adam Schiff’s lies the House should censure him and strip him of membership in the intelligence committee. It is clear from the IG report that Nunes was telling the truth and Schiff was lying for several years”

Something MUST be done. This can’t be one of those situations where we’re outraged for a day or two and then we forget about it. It’s time for political heads to roll.

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