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Gingrich Responds To Russia: You Get In The Way, You’re Going To Get Hit

How did we get here America? Is this what we really want to happen? Did we really want a war with Russia?

Former Speaker of the House was talking very candid and firm tonight on the Sean Hannity Hannity Show and talk about not holding back punches.

Russia and Syria have said there would be consequences for America if Syria was attacked again. Speaker Gingrich gave his response and it’s was a strong one, but is that what Trump voters wanted?

Source: Fox News

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night that the Trump administration should launch more strikes against Syria if that country’s president uses chemical weapons again, despite Russian threats to retaliate.

“We went through the entire Cold War with saber-rattling, but not firing on each other, and I don’t think they’re going to fire on us now,” Gingrich told host Sean Hannity. “The fact is, we have crossed a line – the president crossed this line. We are not going to tolerate Assad continuing to use chemical weapons.

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“If Assad doesn’t use chemical weapons, my guess is everything will calm down,” Gingrich went on. “If he does use chemical weapons, I think we’re going to hit him again and if the Russians get in the way, they’re just going to get hit as part of the process.

Gingrich added that he believes the best solution in Syria is for military rule to replace Assad, saying it would lead to “a more stable and more rational government.”

Do you want to fight ISIS and Syria’s Al-Assad at the same time as Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are proposing? They are bloodthirsty, are you?

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