Gingrich: Why Should I Relax As A Republican When Mueller Is Hiring DNC Donors?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had his hands full with ABC Host and Barack Obama supporter Martha Raddatz after she wouldn’t accept his answers because of her fake news agenda.

If there is one thing I have noticed about Speaker Gingrich over the past few week is that he is calling out Special Counsel Robert Mueller for hiring individuals that give heavily to the Democratic Party and a few that have given presidential contributions to Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich has a right to be worried as should we all, about the nature of Mueller’s investigation especially after former FBI Director James Comey, said President Trump was not under investigation and the Russian collusion story printed by the NY Times was fake news.

Many of you will probably say to yourselves, “then, why are they still investigating Trump?”

Gingrich has been pounding the war drums over the appointments by Mueller, and when he has a chance to call out these actions in front of national audience publicly, individuals like Raddatz can’t answer him. Instead, they show you how incompetent they are with handling an interview.

Source: Daily Mail

The former speaker attacked Mueller, as well as the Justice Department, during an interview on ABC’s This Week.

‘You tell me why the first four names that came up, I don’t know about the next nine, but the four names are all people who gave to Democrats.

He continued: ‘Two of them are people with a record of hiding evidence from the defense, and one of them is a person who defended the Clinton Foundation.

Now, in this environment with a Justice Department where 97 per cent of the donations last year went to Hillary, explain to me why I should relax as a Republican.

The interview then changed topic to Trump’s recent tweets, including one in which he said ‘I am being investigated’, with Gingrich admitting the constant stream of social media posts does not help.

‘Trump has a compulsion to counterattack, he is very pugnacious,’ 74-year-old said.

‘I don’t think it serves him well, I don’t think that tweet helped him, but it’s who he has been his whole life.’

Gingrich’s suggestion Mueller’s team is becoming a partisan attack on the president has been pushed by the president on Twitter, as well as conservative media outlets this week.

What do you think of Gingrich’s interview? Do you think he made solid points which in turn made Raddatz look unprepared to handle this interview? Share your opinions below to the comment section.

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