GET A GRIP! Comedian Louis C.K. Calls Trump “Lying Sack Of S–t” On Stephen Colbert’s TV Show [VIDEO]

On Tuesday night, comedian Louis C.K. appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert to discuss President Trump.

Admitting he is a supporter of Barack Obama, Louis called Trump a “lying sack of s–t” three times in a row.

“Now I guess he is not as profound as I thought he was. I thought he was some new kind of evil. But he’s just a lying sack of s–t.”

After saying it a second time, he had no intention of stopping.

“Its just gross. He’s just a gross, crook, dirty, rotton, lying sack of s–t.”

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The full clip provided by The Late Show is below.

I used to be a fan of Stephen Colbert when he was funny. But his show does nothing but attack Trump every single night.

It is ok to make fun of the president, but he has become an obnoxious leftist that does it non-stop.

And the guest could have made his argument against Trump without having to curse the same thing three consecutive times.

Glad I have better things to do than view the show.

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