Germany’s Merkel Not Happy Trump Not On Board With Paris Deal — “Very Unsatisfying”

President Trump said he would wait before making a decision about the Paris Deal and liberals are having a temper tantrum. Germany’s leader Angela Merkel is acting like a petulant child too.

Merkel can’t be trusted farther than I can throw a refrigerator. She was just laughing it up with Barack Obama earlier last week, and now she’s pushing shade on the current President of the United States because he didn’t make a decision right now.

Climate change is becoming less important in most people’s minds these days. The economy is more important. Plus, it’s a very leftist issue. As the world turns to the right, it will no longer be prominent in the media as before. People are jaded by the different perspectives and dire warnings they hear all the time. It’s not spectacular, let’s face it.

Source: Breitbart

Despite heavy lobbying from G7 leaders, President Donald Trump declined to endorse the Paris Climate Agreement in a joint pledge of support for one of former President Barack Obama’s signature achievements in office.

Trump’s decision upset world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, desperate to convince the president of the agreement’s merits.

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“The Paris deal isn’t just any other deal. It is a key agreement that shapes today’s globalization,” Merkel said, describing discussions with Trump about climate change “very unsatisfying.”

For opponents of the agreement, the decision is a welcome development after the president’s economic adviser, Gary Cohn, told reporters that Trump was “evolving” on the issue. But it still was not a fulfillment of his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement.

She isn’t even acting in HER interest. She’s a pathetic East German who grew up in a bubble and is now inflicting self-destructive guilt on the rest of the country.

Most of these kinds of agreements are nothing more than posturing in the first place. There’s a microscopic chance that a group of governments will ever make any real progress. No matter how important one may think this is, in the real world, it’s irrelevant. Commercial and consumer interests stand a much better chance of enacting any change.

Do you care what Angela Merkel thinks? Who put this woman in charge? Share your analysis and opinions below in the comment section.

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