G20 Violence In Germany Linked To ANTIFA Website

Republican leaders have come out in support of ANTIFA over the last couple of weeks mostly due to their lack of knowledge.

Think about this. Germany bans ANTIFA website but this organization fills our streets on the weekend tearing down and destroying America from within.

Democrats fully support this anarchy organization reported financed by financier George Soros but watching Republican leaders give them cover was a shocker. It seems they do not understand what the group is about and they are not researching it either. They are listening to the mainstream media who has mapped out a strategy of basically calling them freedom fighters which they most certainly are not.

Germany just put out a public statement banning a major ANTIFA website after reports they had something to do with the violence outside the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s Interior Minister, reported how the website was instrumental in inciting that violence and he warned them of serious consequences.

Source: Fox News

In an unprecedented move against violent left-wing extremism, Germany’s Interior Ministry informed the owners of the left-wing site about the crackdown Friday, the Local reported.

“The prelude to the G-20 summit in Hamburg was not the only time that violent actions and attacks on infrastructural facilities were mobilized on linksunten.indymedia,” the minister said, identifying the website.

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He also said the site tried to “legitimize violence against police officers,” which he described as an “expression of an attitude that tramples human dignity.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable and incompatible with our liberal democratic order,” he added.

According to the Local, Germany’s internal spy agency once described the website, which has operated since 2008, as “the most important platform for violent left-wing extremism in Germany. For years it has been providing a forum for people to publish first-hand reports on left-wing crimes.”

Here is some footage of what happened in Hamburg:

Here’s a great idea. Find the snowflakes and as prosecute them to the fullest extent and make them clean up the destruction they caused. Gives them a little work practice at least. They smash things because they know that nothing will happen to them. They are organizing their riots quite openly and always in the cities. Wouldn’t be too hard to bring reinforcements to the police from surrounding rural areas and show these kids that sometimes actions have consequences.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter is a cross between ISIS and Occupy Wall Street. But this is that combination on steroids and increased paychecks.

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