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Geraldo prediction: Trump will rout the field in #SCPrimary on Saturday after Obama weighed in

Laura Ingraham and Geraldo Rivera joined Sean Hannity last night to react to the newest poll numbers which show’s GOP front-runner Donald Trump separating himself from the field.

Trump is leading because so many people like me are fed up with the political class and the media that promotes them. They act as if they are they are the only reasoned adults in the country and that the rest of us should listen and believe when they speak. Americans like me are patient trusting people but we are tired of being sold a bill of goods by politicians who then do not or cannot do what they promise.

It is time for someone with a track record of success outside of politics to come in and see what the hell is going on.




and then there’s this one out of left field:


Most believe Trump will honestly asses our countries problems and find people capable of doing something to fix our problems. I am glad that he doesn’t spout off about how he will do everything.

Americans love it when he says he will find Generals and then let them do what needs to be done. They don’t want someone who promises a solution in a campaign and then has to stick with that solution no matter what to prove he can keep a campaign promise.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump still leads in the race for the Republican nomination in South Carolina, according to a new Fox News poll.

Trump captures 32 percent among South Carolina likely Republican primary voters. Ted Cruz gets 19 percent to Marco Rubio’s 15 percent. These are the only three candidates earning double-digit support.

Jeb Bush and Ben Carson tie at nine percent each, and John Kasich gets six percent.

There’s little difference among only those who say they will “definitely” vote in the GOP primary: Trump garners 34 percent, Cruz 20 percent, Rubio 15 percent, Bush 8 percent, Carson 7 percent, and Kasich 6 percent.

Some support could still shift, as 25 percent of these GOP likely voters say they could change their mind.

Watch them talk about the numbers:

If these polls hold up for Trump, this is over, do you agree? Share your opinions below in our comment section and share this on your social media timeline.

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