Gay Protesters Harass Homeless Man Reading Bible During Chick-Fil-A Kiss In

Take a moment to view this clip and just think to yourself where did this situation get flipped. Gays and Lesbians should have never been treated badly or discriminated because of their choice even if people didn’t agree with that lifestyle. However, in the same breath, I do not condone same-sex marriage especially under the civil rights banner.


I always go back to my church upbringing because that’s where I grew up. That’s where I put together my thinking for where I am now in my life and raising my kids. Most people need religion and some people don’t. I have learned in my lifetime that I can’t tell you what to believe and you can’t tell me what to believe but whatever I chose to believe can only be removed if I want it removed. Saying that, what has really pissed me off the last 30 years is the dominance of being forced to accept the gay lifestyle of Americans from Government, American Mainstream Media, and now our Public Education School Systems.

The entire Gay/Lesbian movement has taken over the culture of America and if you disagree with the lifestyle you are seen as intolerant and non-conforming. When Gays/Lesbians “came out of the closet” their mantra was to be accepted and that they didn’t want to force anyone to agree with what they were doing but just be accepted as equals. In today’s time, Americans are forced to accept or be demonized and ridiculed. The Democratic Party has accepted this and quietly added this message to their platform thus jumping in bed with the reversal intolerance that comes along with that decision.

Now it’s “chic” to be Gay. Barack Obama has made it ok to be out and about and be proud of it. The more this nation dabbles with extreme liberalism, the more the nation’s religious organizations go quiet and have no standing in the community which is something I thought I would never say.

Video From Legal Insurrection

Wayne Dupree

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