Guess Who Just Jump To Front Of the Pack For New FBI Director!

Trump supporters are calling for Rep. Trey Gowdy or Sheriff David Clarke to replace James Comey as the new FBI Director but it seems we don’t know anything.

Whoever President Trump chooses will have a huge task to bring the FBI department back together from where it’s been over the last 3-4 years. Comey was probably a good man for a while and I am not even saying he’s a bad man but I will say he allowed himself to be corrupted and we can’t have that anymore.

I don’t know that much about Rep. Mike Rogers, except he was a former agent of the bureau which probably gives him a leg up on Comey and Clarke.

Source: Truth Monitor

Western Journalism reported that former Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., has been named as a potential frontrunner to replace Comey. Rogers, who was once an FBI agent, has had “informal feelers,” from White House officials, one of whom confirmed that he is being considered for the position.

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Rogers released a brief statement this week saying that Comey’s firing “will undoubtedly lead to some uncertainty in the coming days as the Bureau and its fine women and men come to terms with the impending transition.”

“It is absolutely critical that this process is as smooth and efficient as possible to ensure that the FBI gets back on its feet and resumes its focus on its critical law enforcement, national security and counter intelligence missions,” he added.

Rogers, 53, was also considered for the job of FBI director four years ago, when Barack Obama appointed Comey. He had the full support of the FBI Agents Association. Paul Nathanson, a spokesman for the organization, said that though the group has not yet discussed who should replace Comey, the FAA’s “view of Mike Rogers hasn’t changed — he exemplifies the principles that the FBIAA believes are essential in a director.”

A former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rogers retired from Congress in 2015 after seven terms.

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We want to be proud of our FBI again. We want and need for it to be strong and uncompromised. This is what America needs and if Rogers is the best man for the job, let’s make it happen.

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