Freshman Democrat Blames Trump Admin For Deaths of Children At Border

On Wednesday, Rep. Lauren Underwood, a freshman lawmaker from Illinois dared to accuse the Trump administration of murdering children.

Democrats make the problems, complain about them, create more, and then point the finger at someone else with 100 percent self-righteousness. Wanting a new class of slaves and voters is costing lives so she can be re-elected.

With the emergence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, And Rashida Tlaib, their radical views and tactics are starting to spread to the new recruits.

Underwood brought those charges during the questioning of Kevin McAleenan, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

“People keep dying, and so this is obviously more than a question of resources.

Congress has been more than willing to provide the resources and work with you to address the security and humanitarian concerns, but at this point, with five kids that have died, 5,000 separated from their families, I feel like — and the evidence is really clear — that this is intentional.

It’s intentional. It’s a policy choice, being made on purpose by this administration, and it’s cruel and inhumane,” said Underwood.

Then I would suggest you talk to Rep. Nancy Pelosi and do some serious talk about changing the immigration laws and make us a sovereign country once again. Take your responsibility seriously instead of throwing blame to the President.  Start by changing your attitude.

McAleenan didn’t take to kindly to that allegation and responded: “That’s an appalling accusation, and our men and women fight hard to protect people in our custody every single day. We asked for those resources three weeks ago, it hasn’t been responded to by Congress, and we’ve asked for changes in authority for the last three years that would have prevented this from happening.”

You can watch the tense exchange here:

Perhaps if Underwood knew anything factual about the situation on the border, you could put together an intelligent sentence on the subject and point to the true villains, the parents.

I am just astounded at how hatefully ignorant and dishonest these politicians have become.

The death of those children are entirely, 100% the fault of the Democrats who have invited millions of children from Central America to ride on top of trains by themselves, live with pimps, drug gangs, and other criminals, walk hundreds of miles at a time through dangerous, infectious conditions, where insects and animals want to bite them or eat them, without adequate shoes, clothes, medical care, or anyplace to sleep that is warm and safe.

While the Democrats are pretending to care about children, they are aborting millions of them every year FOR PROFIT, for the sake of pimps-sex traffickers, for the purpose of criminals, for the sake of campaign funds, for the sake of women and men that pretend not to know where babies come from, for the sake of all the Hollywood filth that are sexually assaulting each other every night, etc.

While the Democrats are pretending to care about children, hundreds of homicides are taking place every week in Democrat-controlled cities such as Chicago and Baltimore. So enough of the pretend.

Enough of the drama.




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