French Restaurant Attacked By Molotov Cocktail; Four Injured!

Four people are Injured as Molotov cocktail is thrown into a restaurant in Paris.

The French had an opportunity to at least stamp this out of France, it wouldn’t have been a quick fix, but they would have at least been on the right path. They should have voted Marine Le Pen. Instead, they elected another terrorist apologist.

Source: Daily Mail

Three diners were airlifted to hospital with severe burns on Sunday night after a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a restaurant in a Paris suburb.

The firebomb attack took place in Aubervilliers, in the troubled Seine-Saint-Denis department, to the north of the French capital.

Armed police were seen surrounding the restaurant soon after 8.30pm, as firemen tended to a blaze, and ambulance crew assisted victims.

‘Three people have been airlifted to hospital by helicopter, while a fourth was treated at the scene,’ said an emergency services source.

‘The restaurant is part of a five-storey building,’the source added. ‘Everything is being done to contain the blaze, and searchfor other victims’.

France is currently under a State of Emergency following a series of terrorist attacks carried out by bombers and gunman working for ISIS and al-Qaeda.

And still, France and Germany keep the gates open for the invaders from the Muddled East.

If they had voted for LePen, I could look at the situation and say that there are a culture and a civilization worth saving.

Since they rejected her by such a large margin, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say “if they don’t give a crap about their destruction, then why should anyone else?”

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