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80,000 Take To Streets Of France Over Macron’s Decision To Raise Fuel Tax!

How’s that “Globalism” working out for you President Emmanuel Macron?

Imagine paying $7.04 a gallon over in the United States, would the people take the streets like we see in France and it’s surrounding areas?

French protesters that number in the thousands are marching against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed controversial fuel tax increase and lighting fires to show how serious they are. They want Macron to resign over the direction he wants to take the nation.

The angry clashes, both in Paris and other towns and cities across the country, mark the eighth day of “yellow jacket” protests against the tax, but have also come to encompass a growing anger against Macron and the French ruling class — seen by many as out of touch.

The yellow jackets have become a uniform of sorts for the protesters, originating from the neon yellow jackets French drivers are required to keep in their vehicles.

Authorities said that at least 8,000 protesters flooded the Champs-Elysees in Paris alone, with 81,000 protesters in total nationwide compared to 244,000 last Saturday. Police deployed some 3,000 security forces after an attempt to march on the Elysee Palace last week.

Source: Fox News

As gas prices reach astronomical levels, the people are angry that Macron’s position of increasing the gas tax is based on the country’s dependence on renewable energy and fossil fuels. however, has said that gas tax increases are necessary to reduce France’s d

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Typically liberalism. Increase the tax on gasoline and diesel to pay for less economical forms of energy. The government is picking winners and losers for the “common good.”

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