#FreeJustina is a Story You Have to Know About

Earlier this week, Glenn Beck brought to light a heartbreaking story that has gone viral. A man named Lou Pelletier says that his 15 year old daughter Justina was taken away from he and his wife by the state of Massachusetts after being admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital. The situation is somewhat complicated but here is the condensed version.

Justine Pelletier had been diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease and had been receiving treatment for her disease at Tufts Medical Center. This is key. She was being treated for her disease by an exceptional team of doctors at a hospital with a fantastic reputation. The team that worked with her moved to Boston Children’s Hospital so her family decided to take her there to receive further treatment.

Upon being moved to Boston Children’s Hospital, according to her father, within 12 hours they decided Justina had mental health problems. The hospital turned the family in and the state took their daughter away. Again, let me remind you that at Tufts Medical Center they were treating her for Mitochondrial disease. Yet after having Justina in their care for only 12 hours, Boston Children’s Hospital determined that Justina was a mental patient. Does this all seem crazy? Well it is.

Via Glenn Beck:

Because juvenile court records are confidential, the judge placed a gag order on all involved in the appeal. Justina’s parents, doctors, and caregivers have been unable to talk about the case. 13 months after this ordeal began, Justina’s family has had enough. Lou Pelletier joined Glenn on Monday’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss – for the first time – what this past year has been like for his family and what he hopes will come from his speaking out.

Watch Justina’s father explain the situation in greater detail:

Her family is extremely distraught, and rightfully so. Their daughter has basically been kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital! Justina has only been able to see her parents during one-hour weekly supervised visits is now being held at what is supposed to be a temporary treatment facility, Wayside Youth & Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Since being on Glenn’s show, mainstream news outlets are picking up Justina’s story. Despite a gag order on the family, tonight Lou Pellitier appeared on The Kelly File to talk about what has been going on:

It is imperative that awareness be brought to this awful situation and that people help in any way that they can. What has happened to this family is not only scary, it is un-American. If it happened to this family, it could happen to anyone’s family, which is why we should treat Justina as if she were our own daughter and do what we can to help.

Justina Pelletier with her parents
Justina Pelletier with her parents

Justina’s family has asked people to reach out to Connecticut and Massachusetts politicians and encourage them to look into this case further. Of course they also need financial support. As you can imagine, the financial burden is tremendous. They have accumulated substantial legal fees fighting to gain back their daughter, in addition to her medical expenses. The Pelletiers have a PayPal account for those wishing to donate to her family’s cause.

Again, please help in any way that you can. Share this article, make calls, send emails, make a donation, or just pray. Whatever you can do to help #FreeJustina, please do it.

Wayne Dupree

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