Free Republic Forum Post: Ted Cruz – Tea party ‘overwhelmingly’ behind Romney

Despite some worries among tea-party activists regarding Mitt Romney’s conservative credentials, Mr. Cruz predicted the movement will “overwhelmingly” support the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in November.

“The grass roots are energized because the absolutely highest priority in the country in November is to defeat Barack Obama,” Mr. Cruz said. “I have spoken with literally thousands and thousands of tea-party activists — I have yet to meet a single tea-party leader that is not going to vote for Mitt Romney and work hard for him.”

While polls show Mr. Romney is significantly trailing President Obama for support among Hispanic voters, Mr. Cruz said Hispanics should feel comfortable with the Republicans because their values are fundamentally conservative.

Mr. Cruz — whose father immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba — added that Hispanics are about “hard work and responsibility” and don’t like to accept government handouts.

“In my life, I never once have seen an Hispanic panhandler,” he said. “Because in our community, it would be viewed as shameful to be out on the street begging.”

When asked on Fox News if Mr. Romney would be wise to pick a tea-party-supported conservative like Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida or House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, Mr. Cruz said both men would be “terrific” choices but declined to speculate further.

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Wayne Dupree

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