Frederica Wilson SNAPS! “This Is Not A Question To Ask Me”


Rep. Frederica Wilson found herself in a spot she didn’t like, and that was defending her actions against President Trump and General Kelly.

Democrats like Wilson are scraping the bottom of the barrel when playing politics with our military heroes and are devoid of decency, morality, and respect. Absolutely deplorable!

The fact that Wilson was present for the call was premeditated, and I don’t know about you, but to have to make that kind of call is not easy and sometimes what we want to say may not come out the way we want it. But I can only “assume” based on experience that this was taken out of context and based on the fact that the President made the call shows his intent was a good one and honorable.

Source: Free Beacon

“How about Congresswoman, from your end? Are you willing to allow today that it’s possible that you misinterpreted what the president’s intentions were in that phone call to Sergeant Johnson’s wife?

“There’s nothing to misinterpret. He said what he said. I just don’t agree with it. I don’t agree with that is what you should say to grieving families,” Wilson said.

The answer didn’t satisfy Camerota given that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and others have pointed out the congresswoman could have interpreted the president’s words differently than he intended.

“But in terms of his intention not being callous and maybe he got the tone wrong, but that you misinterpreted his intention or his callousness?”

“I think my intentions are not important in this today. This has to do with the family that’s grieving. It’s their intentions. They were hurt. This is not a question to ask me because I can only imagine how she [Johnson’s widow] feels,” Wilson said.

“So let’s get to the real basis of why everyone is so upset and everyone is so grief-stricken,” Wilson continued. “It has absolutely nothing to do with the phone call. It has a lot to do with what we’re talking about now.”

Credit: Free Beacon

She’s trying so hard not to admit that she lied about the entire thing, that now she’s talking in circles, promoting first the girls who were kidnapped by Boca Haram (same interview, different video) and now her program for young black men. She wants to hawk her agendas as ransom to get her to shut the hell up. Democrats can’t seem to do anything unless it’s sleazy.

Let’s face facts. Nothing Trump or any of his Administration says or does going to please liberals. Nothing they do will ever be good enough! All we can do is keep on supporting Trump through this term and the next and keep him focused on doing the things the average, hard-working American’s want done!

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