Report: Former CIA Official Believes Whistleblower Complaint Written With Help From ‘Congressional Staff’

You’ve probably never heard of Fred Fleitz. But he has a very impressive resume.

Mr. Fleitz is the president of the Center for Security Policy, in 2018 he served as deputy assistant to the president and to the chief of staff of the National Security Council. He previously held national-security jobs with the CIA, the DIA, the Department of State, and the House Intelligence Committee staff.

Why am I telling you all of this?

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Well, because Mr. Fleitz is considered an expert on intelligence matters, and he is very troubled by the “whistleblower” complaint…He’s seen many of these types of complaints throughout his career, and he’s never seen something quite like this one. It stands out. It’s not “typical,” and according to Fleitz, something feels very “off about it.

I am troubled by the complaint and wonder how an intelligence officer could file it over something a president said to a foreign leader. How could this be an intelligence matter?

It appears likely to me that this so-called whistleblower was pursuing a political agenda.

I am very familiar with transcripts of presidential phone calls since I edited and processed dozens of them when I worked for the NSC. I also know a lot about intelligence whistleblowers from my time with the CIA.

My suspicions grew this morning when I saw the declassified whistleblowing complaint. It appears to be written by a law professor and includes legal references and detailed footnotes. It also has an unusual legalistic reference on how this complaint should be classified. [New York Post]

And while many people have expressed concern over the way the complaint was written, several experts said it didn’t feel “authentic.” People have been also saying it felt as if it was written by a lawyer, or a team of lawyers, Mr. Fleitz has a different, far more troubling theory.

Fleitz believes that this document may have been written in some part by a member of Congress or their staff…and if that is not disturbing enough, he points a finger at …guess who?

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Adam Schiff.

From my experience, such an extremely polished whistleblowing complaint is unheard of. This document looks as if this leaker had outside help, possibly from congressional members or staff.

Moreover, it looks like more than a coincidence that this complaint surfaced and was directed to the House Intelligence Committee just after Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), an outspoken opponent of President Trump, expressed numerous complaints in August 2019 accusing President Trump of abusing aid to Ukraine to hurt Joe Biden. This includes an August 28 tweet that closely resembled the whistleblowing complaint.

House Republicans need to ask the whistleblower under oath whether he spoke to the press or Congress about his complaint.

Mr. Fleitz brings up a good point here. What a coinky dink that the complaint was directed to the House Intelligence Committee, run by none other than Adam Schiff, who also, back in August was complaining publicly over Trump “abusing aid” to Ukraine.

Odd, right?

Fleitz goes on to say that the complain troubles him because it indicates that other intelligence officials and maybe eve federal employees are violating the rules when it comes to presidential phone calls.

You know what this means, right? The Deep State and “resistance” is now compromising our national security, while they play “spy games” in an effort to snare President Trump in a trap, to take him down.

Also very concerning to me is how the complaint indicates intelligence officers and possibly other federal employees are violating the rules governing presidential phone calls with foreign leaders.

The content and transcripts of these calls are highly restricted. The whistleblower makes clear in his complaint that he did not listen to a call in question, nor did he read the transcript — he was told about the call by others. If true, intelligence officers have grossly violated the rules as well as the trust placed on them to protect this sensitive information.

I refuse to believe that the leaking, timing and presentation of this complaint is coincidence. I don’t think the American people will buy this either.

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At some point, every same American in this country , Republican or Democrat, or anything in between, has to stop and ask themselves…why are these intelligence people so hell-bent on destroying President Trump?

What are they hiding? And I am not just talking abut “Trump-haters” here…I am talking about a shadow government of unelected officials that have been running this country from the dark corners of the CIA, NSA, and FBI.

Because this is more than just “orange man bad” type stuff we see from kooky liberals. This is coordinated panic, and we must push harder than ever to demand these cockroaches be exposed.

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