Al Franken — Accused Of Sexual Assault, Again!

It is excellent that we can now make accusations of crimes on the condition of anonymity. However, the law provides the accused the right to face his accuser so the anonymity will only go so far.

I’m not a Franken fan, but allegations need to be accompanied by evidence. Watch any sitcom from the 1970s, and you’ll witness sexual harassment played out on every episode. Back then, it was called life, and people just dealt with it. Today you’re supposed to sue for millions.

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In a piece published by New York magazine’s The Cut, the woman, a current “senior staffer at a major progressive organization” came forward on condition of anonymity to accuse Franken groping her at an fundraising event in 2006 for U.S. Senator Patty Murray.

“At the time of the incident, I think, I’m going to go to law school. All I want to do is run for office in my home state. This created a moment of reflection,” she told The Cut. “ … It rocked my confidence. As I look back on my career, I am always in deputy roles and support roles.”

The latest allegation comes in the midst of a bit of public comeback for Franken, who on Saturday launched a weekly program on SiriusXM titled “The Al Franken Show.” [National Review]

The fallen Senator resigned in January 2018 after conservative talk radio host and former model Leeann Tweeden accused him of forcibly kissing her during a U.S.O skit performed in 2006, while they were on tour.

Making these claims thirteen years after the event is unfair. Making these claims anonymously is not only unfair but cowardly. Blaming being groped by someone thirteen years earlier as the reason for one’s always in “deputy roles and support roles” is a stretch and is an unfair claim when it can’t be evaluated or analyzed because the claimant wants to secret herself. As for the media, reporting old claims by an anonymous person, who is hiding to avoid a defamation suit, is irresponsible. This approach by the media allows people to be destroyed without providing them with either an opportunity to respond or a defense. These kinds of accusatory conduct and reporting must stop.

I will always maintain that, unless you come out with an alleged assault as soon as possible and cooperate with law enforcement to catch the alleged perp(innocent until proven guilty in a court of law), chance are you’ll be believed more frequently and consistently than if you wait 13 years to come forth.

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By then too much time has elapsed, and peoples’ memories, being fallible, won’t always keep a story straight, nor will all details be remembered clearly. (Part of this may be due to psychological trauma, so that needs to be considered.)

Like him or not, the same need to verify facts before slaughtering him is needed. This isn’t Epstein with underage girls (so hoping video of these men who visited the island comes out) this is over a decade past an alleged incident with no way to prove at this point. These men are proven innocent until facts are verified.


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