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Frank Luntz In Disbelief As Roy Moore Defenders Step Up And Destroy His “Allegations” Argument

The narrative is easy. Judge Roy Moore accusers have alleged he did something to them, but they have nothing but their word, no proof, and with that, you can’t convict a man/woman.

You would hope that you kept journals or spoke to someone or reported them to the local authorities. Nine times out of 10, when we hear of these abuses, the first thing the listener say is “did you report it to the police.” That is how you start working on a case to bring the person to justice and then inserting proof to bury the malamute.

Moore’s accusers have brought up a yearbook that is tainted, inserted a restaurant where one of the accusers said she worked there and workers that did work there said they never saw her. There are some who say he was banned from a mall, but a mall worker says that’s not true.

Frank Luntz seemed to try to make these Alabama voters sound silly and uneducated because they believe more in the rule of law than they do just if someone was to accuse another of a heinous crime. Luntz asked a woman, “What if this happened to you?” I have a question for Luntz. What if someone accused him of sexual assault without proof, how would he react?

Source: YouTube/Vice

These are the views of twelve conservative voters who gathered inside a Birmingham coffee house Thursday for a candid discussion about the senate race in their state. Voters dismissed many of the allegations against Moore — while saying behavior that was acceptable in Alabama decades ago shouldn’t be measured by modern standards.

“Forty years ago in Alabama, there’s a lotta mamas and daddies that would be thrilled that their 14 year-old was getting hit on by a district attorney,” one voter said. “There was still clothes on,” another voter said of the first allegations against Moore. “As soon as the girl said she wasn’t comfortable, he took her home.”

The panel was compiled and moderated by Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster well known for arranging focus groups with GOP voters.

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Allegations and accusations are not proof and therefore do not make a case. They can be damaging and cause embarrassment, but neither is the key to locking up someone our putting someone’s career in jeopardy.

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