Paris Continues To Burn Because Of Macron’s Choice To Raise Fuel Tax

On Saturday, riots broke out in central Paris against President Emmanuel’s choice to raise taxes on gas/fuel.

Protesters hurled rocks and paint at the police who responded with water cannons and tear gas. The protests have been going on for a third straight weekend. Earlier this week, we told you how 80,000 took to the streets to protest Macron who is now at the G20.

Around 36,000 protestors participated in this weekend’s demonstration across the country, according to the French Prime Minister. Though the riots originated from the dissatisfaction with President Emmanuel Macron’s gas tax, it has now morphed into a broad distaste with the French government.

So far, 160 people were arrested and 80 people injured, including some officers deployed to the protests.

Structures have been set ablaze and cars overturned; however, despite the growing violence, protesters insist the movement is peaceful.

“It’s a mess because we don’t have a leader,” Dan Lodi, a 68-year-old pensioner, told the AFP news agency. “You always have some idiots who come to fight, but they don’t represent us at all.”

Source: Newsweek

Do you blame them, raises taxes and regulation to fight ” climate change” and meet Paris Accord agreement, while saying his administration plans to close 14 nuclear power plants by 2030 to fight climate change even though nuclear power that France derives 80% of their energy from admits no CO2’s,

It’s a scam to make life more difficult and expensive for the French, increase the power and taxation of the state.

During the riots, Christophe Castaner, Interior Minister, tweeted the following: “200 peaceful demonstrators on the Champs-Élysées,” while there were 1,500 outside the perimeter who “came to fight.”

80,000 Take To Streets Of France Over Macron’s Decision To Raise Fuel Tax!

Bottom line is that all of that “diversity” being imported into a country costs the citizens a lot of money and the bloodsuckers at the top sure aren’t going to pay for it out of their nice nest eggs. I’m glad to see the people of France are showing some backbone for a change.

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