FoxNews Panel: Unearthed Gruber Tape (3) Most Damaging; Proves Not Off The Cuff [VIDEO]

The Democratic argument that the intent of the law was never to deny insurance coverage sounds to me like a card player whose bluff was called saying it was never his intent to loose the hand. The Democrats had their bluff called, and now their best argument is saying “just kidding guys.”

Even if many of the American people are “stupid”, as Jonathan Gruber says, then that still doesn’t justify taking advantage of them. I shouldn’t have to keep reiterating this but (apparently I do) individuals have unalienable rights, and no matter how stupid they are, it does not give you a right to violate their unalienable rights.

When you’re a Leftist and you truly believe that a Socialist “workers’ paradise” is the ultimate end goal for humanity, then it is incredibly convenient, insulating and mentally-pleasurable for you to believe that the overwhelming vast majority of people (who aren’t part of the Socialist elite / true believers) are “stupid”. It is what is called a “rationalization”; fooling oneself in order to fake reality.

h/t FoxNews

Wayne Dupree

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