Fox News Suspends Trump Supporter Eric Bolling Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Huffington Post once again has found a way to take another Trump supporter down due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Some might ask me why I added “Trump supporter.” Trump supporters are still being attacked by the left and even some on the right even though Barack Obama and his minion are gone from the White House. Charles Payne, Scottie Nell Hughes, Bill O’Reilly and now Eric Bolling have been removed causing tabloid news organizations to print things about their personal lives.

Bolling is my friend also. We’ve been in contact for the last couple of years, and I believe he’s a stand-up guy. I don’t know anything about any text messages, and I won’t even look deeper into the story because I am on the outside looking in and I believe liberals have smelled blood for a long time now and they are getting help from the conservative side to take down Trump allies.

Remember, along with Bolling, Scottie Nell Hughes was going to run for a Senate seat to help Trump. Bolling was looking to begin his political career after he left television broadcasting.

Source: NY Daily News

Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended after a report he sent illicit photos of himself to female colleagues, the network confirmed in a statement.

Bolling is accused of texting unsolicited photos of his genitals to two Fox Business Network employees and another at Fox News a few years back, Huff Post reported Friday night.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” Fox News said in a statement.

The women were able to tell it was Bolling in the photos because they recognized the phone number, Huff Post reported, citing multiple sources.

Bolling joined Fox News in 2008, coming over from CNBC, and hosts “Cashin’ In.”

The show’s Saturday episode was taped ahead of the Huff Post report, but pulled after the story ran, according to reports.

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