Fox News Suspends Judge Napolitano Off Air Until Further Notice

I never thought I would see Fox News yank Judge Andrew Napolitano so tonight is really different for me.

Judge Nap, as many affectionally call him, is respected among his peers and the Fox News viewers for the way he keeps the segment he sits on “real” and “fact based.”

Judge Napolitano would not cite sources without having a comfort level with the sources.

I believe him to be a very good man. He has always taken the right side of an issue whether it was the popular view or not. He is not lying. I pray the truth comes out for all of our sakes!

Source: Daily Mail

Fox News Channel has pulled legal analyst Andrew Napolitano from the air after disavowing his on-air claim that British intelligence officials had helped former President Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump.

A Fox executive who spoke on condition of anonymity because it was a personnel matter said Napolitano has been benched and won’t be appearing on the air in the near future. The move was first reported by The Los Angeles Times.

The White House and President Trump quoted the Napolitano report in continuing to defend Trump’s unproven contention that Obama had wiretapped him at Trump Tower. FBI Director James Comey on Monday became the latest official to state that no evidence has been found to support the charge.

Bad move Fox News. He is probably your best contributor. I value his opinions and knowledge. What is the matter with you people? Is someone threatening you or have you thrown in with the Soros crowd.

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