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FOX NEWS Releases Poll: 43% of American Voters Want Impeachment, 7% Want Impeachment No Removal

It’s unbelievable that Fox News, the president’s network, would put forth this information but like most of us have said already, they are changing.

If the Democrats want to impeach Pres. Trump, they might use these numbers from Fox News as a jumpstart to move things along. House Democrats have been falling all over themselves trying to FIND evidence to make the public come around to their thinking that Trump needs to be impeached. Rep. Nancy Pelosi knows that impeachment by one party will never sell with the American people but the more they use the opposition media to push these numbers.

Fox News released their numbers on Monday and showed 43% percent of those polled thought that Pres. Trump should be impeached. Another 7% said that he should be impeached but not removed from office. The remaining 48% polled said they were against The president being impeached.

The result has steadily increased each time the poll has been conducted, and one year ago this month the number of respondents who favored impeaching and removing from office was 39%, with 51% opposed. That shows that the number has not only increased in favor, but the position in the majority has switched.

However, 56% said that it is “not at all” likely that Trump will be impeached, an indication of the difference between the rhetorical and the practical, or the very basic difference between AOC and Pelosi on the question. Still, the mood of the public has been part of the decision before, and with slightly lower numbers. [Mediaite]

What’s really crazy is the second poll delivered from Fox News. They report 50% of those polled think the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election.

Is Fox News playing with a skewed poll? Is this fake too?

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