Fox News Hosts Says No Way Should Trump Hand Over Americans To Russia For Questioning

Fox News has turned into a moderate news network, and it looks like Abby Huntsman is helping to lead the way.

Huntsman was very strongly opposed to Pres. Trump’s response in Russia last week when she strongly attacked how he didn’t defend the U.S. intelligence agencies standing in front of Vladimir Putin.

Her response helped push the “conservative” network personalities into outrage for the entire day which later resulted in Pres. Trump reversing his denial of support for agencies that attacked him relentlessly for the past two years.

Putin offered to allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller access to anyone he needed to question as long as he could question former Ambassador Michael McFaul about some shady dealings under the Obama administration. When asked if the White House was open to that idea,  Press Secretary Sarah Sanders didn’t give a yea or nay.

That angered Huntsman.

Source: Mediaite

On Fox & Friends Weekend this morning, Abby Huntsman said o course it’s an outrage that the White House even briefly considered handing over any Americans to Russia.

Huntsman––the daughter of America’s current ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman––discussed the issue with her Fox co-hosts, in a segment that focused a little more on Hillary Clinton‘s response.

“I think a lot of people were scratching their head and frankly furious at the fact that the White House would even consider exchanging our own people t the Russian government. That should not even be something that crosses your mind.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth invoked Benghazi and Clinton again, but as Huntsman noted, “They both can be wrong.”

Huntsman is not a conservative Republican. Her father is Jon Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Huntsman is defending her father, not the country. She doesn’t want her father to feel the brunt of bad media press which I never saw that happening in the first place.

I can’t see defending an intelligence community that has been attacking our president and I also can’t see defending anyone from the Obama administration which it seems Huntsman is doing here.

Huntsman is siding with criminal Hillary Clinton who tweeted how it would be a bad idea to allow Putin to investigate also.

What is the problem? Russia wants to talk to someone about alleged crimes. Someone who may have helped funnel either 400 MILLION or 400 thousand (depending on the source) into the Hillary campaign, it seems reasonable to me.

Mueller wanted Putin to “hand over” 12 of his intelligence operatives, and we expected a thug like him to be OK with that, but when Putin offered a deal – our intel people to be interrogated in the same way his intel personnel would be, suddenly that’s too horrible for words? If Mueller is serious, he will take the deal, We know, however, that Mueller is doing nothing more than driving a dog and pony show for his Deep Swamp handlers.

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