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Fox News Host — POTUS Reelection Campaign Should Be Worried About Polls

Fox News host Martha MacCallum said President Donald Trump’s campaign should be worried about the latest polls that revealed former VP Joe Biden would crush the President if the election were held today.

As I said in another article, Trump supporters will walk past this and many will refer to Hillary Clinton being up in the polls too. The biggest difference that individuals are overlooking is that Hillary was unlikeable within the Democratic Party. She tried to rule it underneath an iron thumb, and she didn’t want to campaign while blaming her loss on everyone. Biden isn’t Hillary.

During MacCallum’s segment on America’s Newsroom, host Sandra Smith talked about the Quinnipiac Poll that showed Trump well behind multiple candidates, including Biden who was ahead by 13 points.

Smith: “It has all of those 2020 Democratic contenders, Martha, beating the president if it were held today,”

MacCallum: “the president isn’t wanting to focus on the numbers right now and perhaps it’s wise to some extent, but you have to look at that if you’re on the Trump team and say there are some messages here. Anybody on the Trump campaign would be wrong not to take notice of these numbers and asks what’s going on,

“He is an incumbent, the economy is going gangbusters. He has a good story to tell on a number of fronts. Shaking it up on foreign policy whether you like the tactics or not.”

Quinnipiac Releases Their First Presidential Head-To-Head Poll Of The Season

Trump won’t lose the 2020 election if it comes down to facts and achievement, he’s got too much going in a positive direction but to discount VP Joe Biden is a huge mistake, especially when Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida will most likely be in play. Gone in Wisconsin is the Republican Governor, replaced by a Democrat and let me also add the Democratic National Convention being held there in 2020 and you have the makings of an exciting election season.

Biden has the empathy thing going for him and is a master race baiter and pulling at heartstrings speaker. If Obama shows up with Biden in urban settings, he might be able to increase his support totals, even though many Black Americans stayed home during the 2016 election.


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