Fox News Host Joins Socialist “Ban Assault-Style Weapons” Narrative

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas claimed she was using common sense during a segment on her show to break down why Americans didn’t need “assault-style” weapons.

The name “assault-style” was added by bleeding heart liberals who are terrorizing Americans. When we have FBI, FISA courts and swampsters trying to overthrow a democratically elected POTUS, the answer should be simple.

Excerpts from video segment:

I’d like to take a timeout now for a common sense second: Of course, owning a gun is the right of every US citizen, but it is the responsibility of lawmakers to prevent those who don’t deserve the right from acquiring one.

It’s not an infringement on the Second Amendment to stop arming the mentally ill, but some will argue, ‘How do you plan to determine who is mentally ill?’

Well, this goes well beyond mental health — background checks should include criminal records and any history of violence and drug abuse, and why not require training?

A correctly aimed bullet does exactly what it needs to do — there doesn’t need to be 30. Does an American need an assault weapon to protect themselves, target shoot, or provide food for the family?

Just like the law-enforcement and military get proper training,” should recieve proper firearm training before owning weapons. “Owning a gun is is a right, but it’s our responsibility as Americans to carry one responsibly.

First off Julie, “need” has nothing to do with whether or not Americans should be able to fully exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. And yes, we do. If one is to look at the context for why the 2nd amendment was written, to prevent a tyrannical government from running roughshod over its people, then the people should be able, to some degree, match those that would seek to take them over.

Now before the typical socialist sheep start talking about missile launchers and tanks, there are already provisions that prevent the US Military from acting upon domestic soil against fellow Americans.

What the problem here is that this is nothing more than a “slippery slope action.” You aren’t banning the AR-15 because of its function, you’re banning it because it LOOKS SCARY to you.

And once this action would be done would open the door for additional measures, like banning all semi-automatic firing weapons. Then once that would be accomplished that would eliminate like 80 percent of all firearms manufactured and sold.

Thereby the ONLY people with access to anything more than a bolt action single shot or a five or six shot revolver would be Police, Military, and criminals. Why do you want Americans unable to defend themselves against Criminals or Tyranny?

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