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Fox Business’ Trish Regan And Former NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Disagree On Background Checks On Twitter

On Wednesday, Fox Business host Trish Regan and Twitter friend of mine had a disagreement with former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch about background checks.

I understand where Trish is coming from, but I don’t know if that would help the situation. The reason why is because illegal guns have flooded the streets and criminals don’t run to gun shops to register their illegal guns. However, I respect Regan’s decision to stand with her convictions.

Regan asked Pres. Trump to “BAN assault weapons and envoke strict gun laws and background checks in one executive order. To heck w/ lobbyists at NRA – the majority of Americans and common sense supports this! It’s time to do what is right for our country.”

Loesch, who once worked for the NRA and a former friend of mine until she blocked me during the 2016 Presidential election for God knows what responded with a tweet, disagreeing with Regan’s position.  Loesch also wrote that she was unaware of what poll(s) supported Regan’s position that Americans wanted more action on guns restriction.

Regan’s Twitter response was that: “She has to disagree bc she’s paid to disagree,” while reiterating that the “majority of Americans believe we need better background checks for prospective gun owners.”

Loesch didn’t shy away from her history of supporting the second amendment and also claimed that she was not being paid to disagree with the Fox Business host. She also questioned Regan’s suggestion of data supporting her original Tweet position, which Regan gladly share the polling figure results.

On Wednesday, Pres. Trump said that he is “all in favor” of background checks, but he also cautioned that Congress wouldn’t approve of it or at least that’s what he thinks. This past weekend, the fatal count between El Paso and Dayton was 30 with more people injured.

America still is grieving over the losses and looking for answers.


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