Former Wrestlers, Colleagues Defend Rep. Jim Jordan!

Whoever is behind this attempt to smear Rep. Jim Jordan is really getting desperate now.

Rep. Jim Jordan must have been getting close to the truth if they are coming after him right now. Remember, unless you are a direct threat, they ignore or ridicule you.

Why are these accusations just now being made? See who’s paying these people to make them. Because we all know someone is, otherwise, these accusations would have been made a long time ago.

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As a member of the Freedom Caucus, Jim is a rising Republican star and way too conservative and outspoken to be tolerated by the left and they will do everything they can think of to derail him. It’s a great thing that he’s getting some defenders willing to come to his defense.

Source: Washington Examiner

Four former wrestlers accuse Congressman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, of turning a blind eye to the sexual misconduct of a team doctor while working as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University. But just as many former coaches, teammates, and student wrestlers vehemently deny those allegations. In interviews with the Washington Examiner, each said a version of the same thing: If abuse did occur, Jordan couldn’t have known about it, because it is against his character to back down from conflict.

Some like Lee Kemp, a gold-medal Olympian and national champion, argue that accusations are part of campaign to discredit Jordan now that the Ohio Republican is considering a bid for House Speaker. “This doctor worked with other sports teams too,” Kemp told me by phone. “Why pick out Jim? Clearly, this is an attempt to smear him.”

Kemp takes credit for recruiting Jordan to the University of Wisconsin as a student and said in an earlier statement that the idea “Jim would know of abuse of his wrestlers and do nothing is utterly absurd.”

Mitch Hull, who coached Jordan as a student at Wisconsin and later competed against Jordan as a coach at Perdue University, believes the future congressman and head coach Hellickson would have risked his career rather than ignore real allegations of abuse.

If anyone would lay a hand on an Ohio State wrestler, particularly the wrestler making the accusation, they’d be summarily dispatched, laid out, floored and disabled for the rest of their natural born life. Hard time believing the team doc wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked from here to Michigan.

Democrats at work again and I am not the only person who has thought about this. Treasonous and treacherous! Anything to destroy America to rebuild in their socialist global control vision.

Congressman Jordan, I believe you, trust you, keep on the investigative track. This is more liberal media, democrat politics of personal destruction as evident by the timing of this story. You must be getting ever closer to the truth in the Spy-gate scandal!

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