Former Republican George Will Says Party Is Now — A Cult

There’s a lot that I can say about old George Will but I won’t go there with this analysis, just yet.

Will, a former ABC News, and Fox News paid contributor are now peddling “doom and gloom” at MSNBC. He just released a new book on the state of conservatism in America.  After he left the GOP during the 2016 election, he said, “I left it for the same reason I joined it in 1964… I’m a conservative.”

Will has not supported the presidency of Trump and has been placed on the back burner of DC voices. People might have cared about what he had to say a long time ago, but in today’s world, he has no placement.

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The reason why I am alerting you to this craziness is that he is attacking Trump’s base. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle brought up how “the conservative party has become the party of Trump,” during the interview.

Will responded: “It’s become a cult. It’s become a cult because of an absence of ideas. Conservatives said we’re for free trade, Trump said by the way you’re not anymore, and they said okay, we’re not for free trade anymore, or they pretend to be.”

Will also said conservatives have thrown aside principles in the age of Trump. That prompted Ruhle to ask if the former Republican saw any candidate in the 2020 race that would be “better for conservatism” than Trump.

Will then showed how far he has walked away from the GOP and conservatism (even though he claimed he was a conservative) when he answered that ALL of the Democrats would be better. He felt that Democrats are still needed to “virtually block legislative change.”

George has flipped his wig. The main reason that conservatives voted and will vote again for Trump is very simple—it’s the alternative. One look at what’s inside the DNC campaign clown bus and that’s cause enough to vote for Attila the Hun’s doppelganger.


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