Former Real World TV Clown Kevin Powell calls Ann Coulter ‘Homophobic, Anti-Semite, Racist’

So… Ann Coulter was on Current TV last night. On Joy Behar‘s Say Anything program. Debating civil rights activist Kevin Powellover her new book about liberal racism. Want to take a guess how this one unfolded?

It wasn’t too pretty. By the end of the segment, Powell was calling Coulter a “homophobic, anti-Semite, racist,” while a clearly angered Coulter called him a “moron.”

Things began to get heated towards the end of the segment when Powell let loose how he really feels about Coulter’s successful book career:

“I think that Miss Coulter to my left plays the race card for every book. It helps to sell books, puts her on the New York Times bestseller list. But my thing is as someone who works in this country, has traveled to almost all 50 states, and is about bringing people together no matter what their race or culture.”

Coulter interrupted Powell to say, “Yes, by calling me a liar without naming what the alleged lie is.”

Eventually, when Behar attempted to end the segment, things became outright hostile:

BEHAR: I have to go, as much fun as this has been.

COULTER: Yes, it’s been fantastic. I’ve never been on with a child pornographer.

POWELL: I’ve never been on with a homophobic, anti-Semite, and a racist. Clearly you’re a racist.

COULTER: You’re clearly a moron. But thanks, this was great.

My Take: Powell is a reality show moron. He couldn’t refute anything she said, except to generalize and call things a lie without naming the lie. He probably never read any of her books. Typically lib who throws accusations out without backing any of it up.

Via Mediaite

Wayne Dupree

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