Former Law Enforcement Officer Has Message For Flood Looters — He’s Not Playing Either!

This former law enforcement officer has a message for any Harvey flood looter who thinks they are going to get away with stealing during this time of recovery.

“It’s a shame. We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live. This storm is temporary.”

The former officer then turned to the store and yelled at some looters:

“Hey, you go back in the store, I’m telling you one time, I ain’t afraid to shoot you. I’m a ex-F*** SWAT deputy; I will cut your ass in half! Don’t go in that store no G** D*** more.”  I ain’t got no problem shooting and I still got my license.

Oh, he was serious, and I believed every word that came out of his mouth. Here’s the video detailing the rest of the exchange.


Tell me, do you think he was right? Not only do I side with this man, but I also respect him for protecting property that wasn’t his. We see this every time there is a natural disaster, how thieves and scammers deprive store owners of their merchandise without respect. This man has a story to tell, but he also is one who believes in the law.

I am not angry at him for showing force, and you never know, one of the looters might understand where he’s coming from and it changes his/her life.


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Our society today, for the most part, has thrown away personal responsibility for ignorance and stupidity. We can fix that with men like this. He’s was right when he said we need more real men out here to take care of our communities and stop the degradation of neighborhoods and homes. The only way to stop this decline is to show the youth we aren’t going to stand for their attitude any longer.

It’s time to grow up and make something out of their future. Just hanging around, waiting for major storms so they can steal from businesses isn’t smart or safe. Hopefully, they get the message.

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