Former NSA Experts: DNC Info Leak Was Not A Hack — Possible Inside Job!

In an article by The Nation, former NSA Experts had determined the leaks from the DNC last year wasn’t a hack but an inside job.

Last year, Judge Napolitano produced this video that was not watched by many people, but it gave a clear indication that the DNC Headquarters leak was not done by Russians, but by someone in Hillary’s party that wanted her stopped.

Watch Napolitano’s video below, then check out an excerpt from The Nation.

For those who need to continue to push their own narratives and lie to the American people, that’s just their way of covering up their inadequacies. Russia has a better relationship with Democrats than Republicans who have always been against communism and socialism. For Russian President Vladimir Putin to help President Trump win the election is like agreeing the political parties switched sides.

According to The Nation, National Security Agency experts are almost 100 percent positive this attack on the DNC was an inside job. Don’t you find it strange how the DNC wouldn’t hand over their servers

Source: The Nation

There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device.

In short, it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial “hack,” as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.

Forensic investigations of documents made public two weeks prior to the July 5 leak by the person or entity known as Guccifer 2.0 show that they were fraudulent: Before Guccifer posted them they were adulterated by cutting and pasting them into a blank template that had Russian as its default language.

Guccifer took responsibility on June 15 for an intrusion the DNC reported on June 14 and professed to be a WikiLeaks source—claims essential to the official narrative implicating Russia in what was soon cast as an extensive hacking operation. To put the point simply, forensic science now devastates this narrative.

This article is based on an examination of the documents these forensic experts and intelligence analysts have produced, notably the key papers written over the past several weeks, as well as detailed interviews with many of those conducting investigations and now drawing conclusions from them. Before proceeding into this material, several points bear noting.

The entire article is a great read and one you will soak up if you utilize common sense.

You can tell the entire Russia hacking hoax is imploding when the liberal left media is admitting there is no “there, there.” All of this because the DNC refused to turn over their servers, all of this because Hillary lost the election… We MUST keep the pressure on our feckless Congress; we MUST let them know we will not tolerate any action being taken against our duly elected president, we MUST let them know we stand with President Trump!

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