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Former Fox News Reporter Claims Trump Enabling Cyberattacks With “Witchhunt” Label

You know there something wrong when the opposition media in the United States keeps pushing the American people to reject logic.

Not once has the media shown any attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton corruption, the DNC alleged hacked servers or Barack Obama’s cozy relationship with the Russians.

However, they want us to believe the intelligence community with whatever reports that they put out. The opposition media are saying don’t think about what the information is because it’s all true. Those are dangerous instructions coming from the media world where were are told not to question the intelligence being shoved in our face.

Carl Cameron, a retired Fox News reporter, claims Pres. Trump is enabling future foreign and domestic cyber attacks because he’s alerting the American people how the DC swamp is trying to frame him for things he wasn’t part of.

America behind past presidents have engaged in shifting elections and removing dictators to put our own choice in charge, which has come back to bite us in the ass many times but Cameron didn’t talk about that.

Source: Mediaite

According to the report of the interviews published on July 15, the former Fox Newser also accused Trump of enabling the cyberattacks by shouting “witch hunt” and “hoax.”

“Whenever the President denies the entire idea of Russian interference in U.S. elections — and labels investigations into such interference a hoax or witch hunt, he is enabling the biggest cyberattack in U.S. history,” Cameron said.

He added: “We need a Cabinet-level effort to coordinate an aggressive response to these attacks—not a White House who dismisses and ignores this grave threat to the very heart of our democracy.”

Cameron started with Fox News in 1995, a year before it took to the air. He retired in August 2017.

Why did I air our country’s dirty laundry earlier? Because it’s true. The powers that be have tried to fix things behind closed doors, and it’s hurt us down the road. These powers put Castro into power. It removed Saddam Hussein and made that region unbalanced. It removed Yassir Arafat and caused chaos and remember, these were globalist politicians and the media turned their heads.

Pres. Trump is trying to rewrite the ship, set this country on the right course and he’s getting blowback from those who were quiet while we were knocked off course.

Keep working hard Mr. President.

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