Former Obama Border Chief — I’m Breaking My Silence To America, Trump Is Right!

Mark Morgan is coming out in support of President Trump even though he was fired by him.

Morgan says the border fence is not the entire answer but a very significant one that needs to be addressed.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer do not want to listen to opposition expert voices on the border. They will only hear experts who claim the border fence, which is already in place, is not needed. Pelosi calls it immoral even though she has a fence around her house, or shall I say a wall.

Mark Morgan, the Obama administration chief of the U.S. Border Patrol who was fired one day after President Donald Trump took office, went public on Tuesday with a message that may surprise the White House: he supports Mr. Trump and his efforts to get funding for a border wall.

“I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing,” Morgan said in an interview with the Law & Crime Network.  “The wall works.”

When he was still running the Border Patrol, Morgan referred to the needs at the border as a “fence.”  He told a Senate committee in November 2016, “Do we need more fencing? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do we need it everywhere? No. Is it the sole answer? No.” Morgan again said on Tuesday that a physical barrier is not the whole answer and is not needed along the entire border, but it is significant.

“It would be like having a high-tech security system, but not having doors or windows in your house,” Morgan said.

Source: Law And Crime

For anyone keeping score, this is a solid interview by someone who cares very deeply for this country and the American citizens that dwell within.

Did you guys see Chris Cuomo have to patiently explain to Don Lemon why Trump has every right to address the American people? It was hilarious.

“I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing. The wall works.” A voice that would not be heard if President Trump wasn’t addressing the nation today. That is why the media is infuriated. They cannot control the narrative.

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