Judge Orders Food Stamp Fraudsters To Pay For Ad Warning Others Against Doing Same Thing

What is going on in Michigan?

Four Bangladeshi brothers were convicted of food stamp fraud and ordered by the presiding Judge to pay for advertisements that will warn others not to do the same they did.

These crooks exchanged phone cards, batteries, and stamps for food stamps and of course they thought they weren’t going to get caught.

This is an absolute epidemic throughout our entire country. Cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol, you name it if you have food stamps you can get it. Not to mention how people sell food stamps to each other, 50 cents on the dollar. Related: Arizona couple sentenced for $2.3M food stamp scam, largest in state history!

Source: Breitbart

Judge Avern Cohn sentenced Ali Ahmed, the owner of the business, to nine months in prison and sentenced his three brothers— Nazar, Mustak, and Mohammed— to one day behind bars for their role in a food stamp fraud scheme where they exchanged cash, phone cards, and batteries for food stamps.

All were ordered to pay back the stolen money to the federal government.

But the judge had an additional punishment for the convicted food stamp fraudsters, ordering the four men to purchase an ad in a local Michigan newspaper in English and in Bengali warning them not to commit food stamp fraud.

“To readers, listen to us. If you cheat on food stamps you are committing a crime and will be punished for doing so. We know: We have been punished for cheating on food stamps,” states the ad, which will run in the Hamtramck Review for three weeks.

The judge also ordered all four men to attach their names to the ad.


So they steal through fraud, one gets nine months in jail, the others get one night in jail, and they have to spend a few dollars to buy a newspaper ad? Yeah, the judge said they had to pay it all back, but do we know exactly how much the defrauded the government of, and what was the time frame for the payback? It seems like Michigan has a whole lot of issues with food stamp fraud, and most aren’t originated by American citizens, but by foreign store owners who probably were never vetted to handle the food stamps to start with. Related: 26 Lakewood NJ Individuals Arrested For Defrauding Government Of $2 Million In Welfare Benefits

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Anyone involved in food stamp fraud should also receive a lifetime ban from the program, do you agree? They should never be able to receive or accept food stamps.

Our system was designed for people who are intelligent enough to understand the value of honesty. These people who have come here are the reason their government was corrupt. People like this draw dishonest leadership like we see in the Democratic party. Fraudulent filth votes for dishonest filth.

Deport these people and send the Democrats with them.

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