Ohio Focus Group Unanimously Feels Trump Vindicated After Comey Hearings!

Fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony didn’t sway the voters of this Ohio focus group with his testimony earlier this week.

Comey wanted America to know he didn’t trust Trump and he also believed Trump was a liar which is why he chose to take notes of meetings even though he never did that with Loretta Lynch, The Clintons or Eric Holder.

Comey said Trump was not under investigation for Russia. Comey said there was no evidence of collusion. Comey said he was fired because of that investigation.

Even Hillary Clinton would have fired Comey. Comey came across as spineless. He didn’t charge Clinton despite the evidence. He acquiesced to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s demand for verbiage politically favorable to Clinton even though he said it made him queasy, he testified that he was super uncomfortable with meetings with Trump but told no one, reported it to no one, did not tell Trump so. He needed to be fired.

And now he leaks documents?

This Ohio focus group was right to call out Comey, and they did it convincingly.

An FBI director who leaks FBI documents to the media via a college professor buddy.

And let’s not forget the head of the nation’s law enforcement, Loretta Lynch, telling Comey not to refer to an active investigation as an investigation, but rather as a “matter.” When he asks her the reason for the obfuscation, she says “just do it.”

I’m sorry, who did you say the “con artist” was?

Despite the fact that Director Comey refused to describe President Trump’s behavior as obstruction of justice, CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin had no qualms about that, whatsoever. He declared President Trump guilty on the charge.

It didn’t matter to Toobin that his former law professor (and CNN “contributor”) Alan Dershowitz said he was wrong…it didn’t matter that prominent constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley ALSO disagreed with Toobin’s conclusion. It didn’t matter that both Dershowitz AND Turley are liberal Democrats, just like Toobin!

Furthermore, CNN was forced to retract assertions by Gloria Borger and Jake Tapper (among others) that Comey WOULD NOT testify that he had told President Trump on three separate occasions that he was not the target of an FBI investigation. Unfortunately for CNN, Borger, and Tapper…Comey did just that!

Last week’s testimony revealed that Comey lacked the justification and the integrity to object to President Trump’s behavior officially or to resign his post over it.

End of story.

What did you think of this focus group and their analysis breakdown? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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